Christian Donoho

I’ve grown up in Columbus since I was three years old and my schooling began at Annunciation Catholic School. As I reached the end of middle school and graduated from that class of eight people, I moved on to the very different world of public school. My class was now over two hundred strong and I was in a completely new world. I grew to enjoy public school more than I thought and had some of my best memories there.

I always planned since catholic school to come to MSMS. I enjoy the humanities here which are just as developed and exemplary as the math and science. I enjoy politics, economics, and history but I like to spend my spare time with music and the occasional video game.

I joined journalism because it is one of the most respectable occupations a person can engage. To bring the truth to the people is not only the driving force of a democracy, but it is one of the most honorable acts of man.