Jack L. Carter

At the request of the Vision Online webmaster, I was asked to write "something about myself."  When I was the age of MSMS students, I built communication receivers, tried to grind a lens for a six inch reflecting telescope, was a member of the varsity basketball team, and was assigned to the chemistry lab one hour a day to do personal research.  I received a full-ride to Tulane on graduation, expecting to major in Chemistry, Physics, or Electrical Engineering.  Algebra 2 does not prepare one for five-hour Calculus courses, difficult I didn't overcome. Then, something went wrong with my family so that I gravitated away from science toward psychology and literature, and then history, trying to understand a world going insane at the height of the cold war.  Confronted by the hippie culture talking off their clothes, my friends and I started to wear more formal dress.

I advised my first high school paper in 1966, taking on a staff of 40.  Luckily I had two editors who were both knowledgeable and extremely intelligent.  We put out ten issues that year that included two galleys per issue.  Vision was started in the spring of 1989.  I'm been very fortunate to work with some extraordinary people over the years, including a number of people who have been successful at the national level.  This year, we hope to solve the mystery of online production and frequent updates of the paper.  I have a very talented staff and unique officers.

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