The Wall

“From a Junior to the Seniors”

Joy Carino

We’re forever tied together
in the continuous stream of time.
We stay awake and tolerate
each other’s quirky rhymes.

In a future fresh and bright
with endless opportunity,
time flew without pause
to your new home in a distant city.

Though we’ve only known each other
for just over a year,
I feel like I’ve met someone
I will forever keep near.

I know you’re not gone yet.
The coming time hasn’t come.
But I’m afraid I can’t stop thinking
of all the things we haven’t done.

Yet everything seems to happen
for a special specific reason.
The ending bell hasn’t rung;
the constellations were not in season.

But before you’re gone away
I will readily take advantage of
what little precious time we have,
and we’ll listen to the music we love.

We’ll parade wildly through the dorms
oblivious to inevitable oblivion.
Though beakers break and essays fail,
we will fearlessly carry on.

Borrowing lab coats, cemetery strolls,
Roaming boldly through the halls
Our stride is confident with purpose:
to tear down the walls

That hinder us from fulfilling
our glowing true potential.
We must let go of bitterness
for this freedom is essential.

Delving high and soaring deep
hearts and minds free of angst
We all confuse our oppressors.
Their expressions are mere blanks.

I’ll never forget these moments,
not one single late-night text.
I’m facing a future, terrifying and vast.
I am patiently awaiting what’s next.

Though magnificent buildings may topple
and the J Drive won’t open,
the braids of friendship we have woven
through college will never be broken.

Digital Dr Evil by Carly Sneed

"A Wedding in Spring"


Ella Jayne Stone

The Bradford is dressed again
Her gown this year is full
And she takes pleasure in her fairness
For her branches are no longer dull
Which adorns only the loveliest maid
When chilling winds begin to fade
The spring season's opening event
Her heart swells with pride at the thought
She shall be wed by the lovely ghaut.
But graced with the veil of white
On her last day of loneliness
Where she can look down upon them
For on spring's first sunlit morn
And she shivers with elation
Scattering petals o'er the ground
So delicate, silk-thin, and round
Her friends there in the meadow
Awaken from their silent sleep
The Buttercups shine like vibrant suns
And the mockingbirds begin to cheep
Even I came to watch in silent awe
From my hiding place in this wonderland
As the loveliest of nature's blooming creations
So, she stands there patiently waiting
The clouds disappear to their beds for night time
While the sun sinks into a blushing fuchsia sky
And the Bradford sleeps peacefully in starlight
letting her branches softly ebb and sway
With the melodic music which fills her dreams
For tomorrow is her wedding day.
Prepares to give away her hand
As the hours pass silently by

“A relatable haiku”

Joy Carino

Red light approaches

Dancing by lobby doorway

Pizza has arrived

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