Future Politicians Practice Campaigning for (and Winning) Officer Positions in
SGA Election

Rachel Bobo

After several weeks of preparing, hours of campaigning with posters and handouts, and three minutes of valuably-composed speech time, the SGA officers for the 2015-2016 school year were announced. Michelle Li, Jake Bozlee, and Ella Stone were elected as SGA President, Vice President, and Secretary respectively after a runoff in each category.

The most interesting aspect of the campaign trail were the speeches delivered in Hooper Auditorium. In a three minute spiel, carefully timed by Elections Commissioner, Jordan Prather, the thirteen candidates announced their general information and explained their reasoning behind running.

Ella Stone calmly and light-heartedly shared her desire to be more involved in the community during her senior year at MSMS, a school she has come to deeply love. Stone said, "I look forward to having a more active role at MSMS. I tried to take my junior year slowly and I am excited for a more involved senior year," after the speech session. Before the speech session, Stone sat in her room reviewing her speech and the SGA Constitution.

Using his distinguishable voice and effective hand motions, Jake Bozlee shared his intentions to become more than a Senator at MSMS with only one misstatement that led to a speech-long joke.  Bozlee, however, did clarify, saying, "I won't be doing Coby Anderson; I only hope to be doing his job."

Michelle Li and her opposing presidential candidates all mentioned their reasonings for seeking the SGA presidency, but Li stood out and won the position by genuinely saying, "I want to give back to the community like it has given to me. I have not only acquired a vast academic knowledge, but a true home away from home"

Speeches ranged from heartfelt to half-hearted according to the rather large audience crowding in Hooper auditorium. Laughs, heads nodding in agreement, and applause appeared during and after every speech.

"There were some apathetic speeches that could make me not sway towards that candidate, but there were some surprising speeches that caught my attention because I had never really talked to that candidate before," said Mary Madeline LaMastus while leaving the crowed auditorium.

On Monday April 27, the final officer selection was announced via email, revealing the voters' choices. Seconds after the confirming email was sent out, future SGA secretary Stone said, "I'm surprised, but at the same time I feel that I did everything I could to show my peers that I was capable of doing a good job at fulfilling the role."

Echoing her fellow winning SGA officers, Stone said that she plans to have an effective term Along with SGA President Michelle Li and SGA Vice President Jake Bozlee, Stone looks forward to making our senior year enjoyable and memorable.

MSMS Class of 2016 Selects Their Leaders In A Charismatic And Candy-filled Manner
Rachel Bobo

On the evening of Monday April 27, some MSMS students left Hopper auditorium withsugary snacks, bruised foreheads, and a clearer idea of who to vote for in the upcoming senior class officer election. During the class officer speech night, thirteen candidates presented their previous accomplishments and future plans in an effort to win the ballot for the five class officer positions. Out of the thirteen candidates, Deldrick Adams, Aylin Memili, Jacob McDonald, Ayana Love, and Christian Epps were elected class president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, and historian, respectively, in what retiring SGA Vice-President Coby Anderson called a "very close" election with a runoff in three categories.

The Monday night speeches were a chance for voters to get to know their candidates and future leaders. In three minutes, candidates had to deliver their message and win the vote of their classmates. To do so, the five candidates for president delivered heartfelt, clever, and memorable speeches, with and without props.

"So be a ‘Smartie,'" presidential candidate Raksha Chatakondi while throwing a back of smarties to the crowd, "and lets ‘Rock' the vote one more time," she continued tossing several packs of pop rocks out and squarely hitting one onlooker in the forehead. Christina Epps, the pegged audience member and future Senior Class Historian, and the entire audience laughed it off in glee.

Deldrick Adams clearly stated his drive to become the MSMS Class of 2016's President and garnered a few chuckles from the crowd by saying, "I may not have the highest ACT score. I may not be a pretty as Mrs. Brown. But I am driven to be your senior class president."

"I want to help this class leave MSMS in caps and gowns, happy and in tears because you enjoyed your time here so much," Sharmarcus Doty said in a serious, dedicated tone, abandoning his typical comedic manner for an equally poignant mood.

"My name is Makayla Raby and I have made this beautiful speech right here that I am not going to use," clearly stated candidate Raby, introducing her ideas on finding a memorable graduation speaker.

Rachel Bobo
From inside Hopper Lobby, Class President Deldrick Adams said, "My class officers are great people. I think MSMS has made the best decisions in picking class officers and I look forward to a wonderful senior year and a great graduation."

Vasu Srevatsan reminded the audience that their time at MSMS was half spent by saying, "Teamwork is important part of getting the job done. Graduation is a time when we bid goodbye to MSMS and its cafeteria food, and I want to make this time memorable."

While the all the candidates delivered heartfelt, charismatic, and inspired speeches, in the end it was Adams who won the MSMS class of 2016's votes with his determined efforts, unique campaign video, and continuous amicable attitude towards his constituents. The new board of senior class officers has already met several times to discuss their auspicious plans for next year.

"We began discussing the need to MSMS to reach out to the community at a higher level, and we began discussing how we will give to our community," said Aylin Memili, future senior class vice-president. "One idea that has been circulating among each meeting is bringing MSMS clubs into the elementary and middle schools to enrich the future of Mississippi with knowledge gained at this school."

The five new school officials are planning a memorable graduation along with the class service project. President Deldrick Adams is planning on working this summer to secure a great graduation speaker and make "our graduation memorable."

The Meaning of Prom

Jesse Pugsley

The evening of April 18th, 2015 was filled with girls in dresses and guys in suits, all for the one night that they won't forget. A lot of time and money goes into prom, and for what? So that the grown ups can supervise their kids for a whole night? No, the real reason for all that time and money is so that the kids can enjoy themselves for a night to definitely remember.

For me, prom was definitely a night that will be remembered, a night that was full of friends and annoyed teachers. To be honest though, I can't really understand why so much money goes into prom, and why so much time is spent preparing for the event. To me, it was just like any other day I spend with my friends but with a fee to pay. The lights flashed with dazzling colors as the dance floor buzzed with anticipation of people waiting for their favorite song to start playing. The food was offset on the far side of the room opposite the dance floor, and was right by the few white covered tables that were there. The teachers kept to themselves all sitting at one table between the dancing and the food. I suppose that dances just aren't really my thing, for the only thing that was different for me was the aesthetics of the situation, and maybe the multitude of selfies that were taken.

My interview with a MSMS student revealed that prom is a hassle even for girls. She stated in the interview that she, "Broke a nail and lost a heel. Before we left for dinner, all the parents wanted to take pictures, which put us an hour behind schedule." However, she also stated that she enjoyed prom, and that she will probably do it again next year. As for me, I suppose I will also go again next year if I am able.

Courtesy of Lori Pierce

Students had a fantastic time all night thanks to the hard work of the prom committee!


MSMS Builds Team Spirit, Not Resumes, at State Mu Alpha Theta Convention

Carly Sneed

Kristin Howitt

Members of MSMS Mu Alpha Theta pose with their first place trophy won at the club's state convention.

This year's Mu Alpha Theta convention provided many students with an exciting way to test their math skills and present themselves in an environment suffused with like minds. MSMS's participation was led by sponsors Ms. Zarandona, Ms. Koenigsberger, and Ms. McWhorter. The students competed on Sunday, April 12th, and Monday, April 13th. Many awards for the trophy cases were brought back. However, to gain a better understanding of the atmosphere of the convention we spoke to competitor Vasu Srevatsan.

Mu Alpha Theta is a club for the best and brightest at math. Were the competitions very stressful?
There was stress in the competitions that were timed, but otherwise and after competitions we had a lot of fun.

What kind of fun can you have at a math competition?
In between competitions we just sat around this really big fountain. The competitions themselves were fun too. We met a lot of people from other schools.

Did you feel that the "math nerds" at other schools were more relatable than the average MSMS student to you, given the shared passion for math?
No they were less relatable. Some of them weren't even there for math, honestly.

Then what did you think they were there for?
To put something on their resume. A lot of the participants didn't seem interested in what they were doing.

Do you feel that the MSMS kids who went stood out because they were there more for interested?
I feel like we stood out because we're known for winning each year.

How did it feel to be part of such a tradition of excellence?
Part of the MSMS team? It was a bit different because last year I was on Oak Grove's team. We knew we weren't going to win first but we had hopes for third or fourth, you know? But with MSMS you know you're going to win. So we tried to mainly support each other, as a team.