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The MSMS Class of 2017 has been chosen!

Coby Anderson Builds Another Towering Playing Field for Competitive Students
Michelle Li

A look down the elevator that leads the spherical robots to each level.

Some people like reading, some like playing sports, and most people like watching television, but one MSMS senior, Coby Anderson, has a unique affinity for building cool structures and electronic games out of K’nex. His most recent creation is the Trial of the Spheres which is currently on display in Hooper lobby.

The Trail of the Spheres is a huge obstacle course made out of K’nex. The object of the game is to manually guide a spherical robot, connected to and controlled by an iPad through the constructed 10-level obstacle course. A few people have successfully completed individual levels but no one has beaten the game yet, except.... more

Cut, Color, and Style: MSMS Handbook Gets a Makeover
Christian Donoho

The Task Force sets out to make changes to the whole handbook to make it more fair for all.

Say goodbye to the handbook as you know it!

MSMS held a meeting February 24th between students, parents, and administration to discuss possible reforms to the MSMS handbook. The meeting began with several parent and student representatives. Parent representatives were volunteers while the student representatives were nominated and selected by the SGA senate.

The meeting involved the Directors of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, Mrs. Kelly Brown and Tanya Walker, who divided the participants into small groups and assigned each group to discuss in detail specific parts of the handbook. Each group was also assigned either...... more

It’s a fish! It’s a U-boat! No, it’s another MSMS Robotic Competition...
Rachel Bobo

“Mommy! Mommy!  What is that?!?” shouted a frantic toddler, rushing away from the Stark Recreation pool after his swim lessons.  His mother placated with, “It’s a robot, sweetie.  Nothing to worry about.” 

Even though it truly was “nothing to worry about,”  the mechanical contraption gliding underwater was still drawing some attention from water aerobic participants, recreational swimmers, and even the on duty lifeguard.  Three MSMS students, Bram Finkle, Elle McKenzie, and Vasu Srevatsan, were testing out their aquatic robot for the first time, fully engrossed in their test, oblivious to...

Snow Flies for Campus Unity: The Great MSMS vs. MUW Snow Fight of 2015
Carly Sneed

On February 23rd, most MSMS students were hoping to spend the snow day sleeping and writing their research paper. Because, after all, Columbus never gets snow!

However, at 2:30 pm, a call went out among the students- “It’s snowing!” No one expected the snow to actually come in a previously lacking winter, so the main emotion was shock, and, for some students from the coast, incredulity.

Soon, however, enough snow had accumulated on the cold cars for...

MSMS Rave is
All the Rave

Christian Donoho

I usually don’t go to dances. I love the atmosphere, the people, and most of all I love the music. The only thing is that I am an absolutely terrible dancer. I guess this is a huge irony considering that my dream job a professional DJ and music producer, and my primary goal in this field would be to make people dance.

I had the perfect opportunity at MSMS’s “Rave and Behave” dance to get my feet wet as a DJ. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to email Megan Levine, the dance organizer, and ask her if I could provide the music, proudly proclaiming that, “I can DJ and would love to do the music.” In reality, all I had was...



Staff Blogs
**This is a new section where we post a few spotlight blogs for your viewing pleasure. We hope that you take this opportunity to get to know more about the Vision staff.**


The Favorite Phantom
Rachel Bobo

It's sometimes embarrassing to admit, but I am an incredibly devoted fan of musicals. Broadway, show tunes, Andrew Lloyd Webber, anything and everything with a slightly catchy tune and overly dramatic stage acting. Recently I discovered one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's most recent production, "Lover Never Dies," a sequel to his highly acclaimed "Phantom of the Opera." After scouring the internet, I uncovered the best version: London Theater with Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo. In "Till I Hear You Sing Once More," Ramin (the Phantom) hits every note yet still conveys the Phantom's delusions perfectly. His ability almost makes me forget that Micheal Crawford is my "favorite Phantom," but then I remember Gerard Butler's Hollywood rendition of "Phantom of the Opera." Blogs and forums all over the internet argue the power of different "favorite phantoms," but I prefer to listen to all three, enjoying the subtle differences each brings to his performance.

Stop Biting
Carly Sneed
I was recently asked,"If you had to spend one year of your life in the past or future, where would you spend it?" If I had to spend a year of my life in the past or the future, I would certainly go to the past. I used to think that out of all of time and space, I would go and see Elvis in concert, but now I realize there's someone in the past who could use a few words of encouragement; I would go and visit myself in the sixth grade. I would try to find ways to tell that bushy haired girl in poorly fitted jeans to speak up, even if she stumbled saying the letters r and s. I would whisper it in her ear in the middle school's hallway, I would write it on notes on her desks, I would scribble it in the margins of textbooks. I would confront this scared kid with the simple message, "What you say matters." That year I read every day after school until I was filled to the brim with words, but I was so used to biting my tongue that I didn't know how to let any of them loose. 

I think, even with those years of speech impediments and silence, that I ended up fine. That quiet kid in the back of the class would be amazed to know the mock trial openings I can give, the clear "r's" rolling off of my tongue in the face of fierce competition. So if I could go anywhere in time, I would want to let that scared little girl know that eventually the scars from your tongue fade. It can only heal, however, if you stop biting it.

Wanna Try Your Luck at Pro-Gaming?
Jesse Pugsley

Have you ever wanted to go to a school for pro-gaming? Great, now you have the chance. Much like the popular show on YouTube, Video Game High School (VGHS), you can now go to a school for pro-gaming.

The Vocational institution Tokyo School of Anime is rolling out a e-Sport curriculum, the first kind in Japan. Until now, the school has mostly focused on people hoping to enter the anime industry and voice acting. Of course, with so much money being at stake with e-Sports, schools like this may increase.

The e-Sports course has four majors; pro-gaming, e-Sports business and promotion, e-Sports commentating, and working behind the scenes in setting up e-Sports events.

In the gaming classes students will learn things like clicking the mouse five times in a second and doing a 180 degree spin with the mouse. Students will study strategies for FPS, Fighting, an RTS titles. So, what do you say? Wanna give pro-gaming a try?