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The application deadline for the MSMS Class of 2017 is FEBRUARY 14, 2015!

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MSMS Hosts Annual Foreign Language Student Christmas Program

Narrated by India Yarborough
Edited by Ross Berry

MSMS Robotics Team
Enters the Water

Rachel Bobo

Soon, the swim team and other recreational swimmers at the MUW Stark Recreation aquatic center might have competition for pool time.

The MSMS Robotics Team will be entering the chlorinated water and testing their new designs for the upcoming SeaPerch competition as early as March.  SeaPerch is an aquatic robotics competition sponsored by MSU.  Divided into small teams of three to four students, the competition will be...

From Script
to Crypt

Chrisitan Donoho

From housewives to farmers to soldiers, MSMS students in the Tales from the Crypt program are preparing to audition for their shot to perform at the Tales from the Crypt production in Friendship Cemetery.

After research paper and a semester worth of research that left many students exhausted, the time has come that many signed up for.

Students in the program will write scripts and getting in character for the final performance where they will...

Winter Formal: Masquerade or Black Tie Affair?
India Yarborough

Winter Formal, MSMS’s annual semi-formal dance, was hosted on December 6, 2014 in upstairs Hogarth on the MUW campus.

  MSMS PLUS parents added a bit of elegance to the evening, decorating the venue and providing food, buffet style.  Black and white coated the adjoining dance and social rooms in the form of table cloths, streamers, and balloons.  Multicolored masks hung on the walls and in bags.  White and silver paper flowers littered...



Staff Blogs
**This is a new section where we post a few spotlight blogs for your viewing pleasure. We hope that you take this opportunity to get to know more about the Vision staff.**


Christian Donoho

So I've followed the dance music scene for a while and its one of my favorite parts of pop culture. There's a level of creativity and innovation that is lost in other sectors of the music industry. However, its not immune to its own unique problems and disturbing trends.

The majority of artists who work with electronic dance music rise to stardom through the internet and its ability to reach millions. The level of anonymity has its perks and its drawbacks and in dance music this allows artists to easily get away with certain dishonest practices.

DJ's and producers on the EDM utilize ghost producers, or people who make songs for them for cash. The artist passes it on as their own and reaps the majority of the profit. Often these songs can be clones of big room tracks. I can't even count how many have tried imitating Martin Garrix's Animals.

It seems that some in dance music have lost sight of the music and are more about the sales on their next EP. Some don't even put the effort into performing and prefer to throw cake and press play on the mixer.

Despite this, there are dozens innovating and creating for every one who decides to engage in cheap tactics to achieve fame.

Childish Gambino
Rachel Bobo
"If you can't rap at least a verse of Childish Gambino, you're weird at this school," said a friend of mine just yesterday. I was extremely taken aback by this, mainly because I had no idea who in the world Childish Gambino was, let alone how to rap any of his songs. After being forced (which isn't the exaggeration it appears to be) to listen to song after song of Gambino's, I knew what his voice sounded like but still couldn't even begin to quote his "genius" (according to the same friend).

Whether or not I eventually learn how to quote Gambino, I refuse to be called "weird" for my inabilities. Even though she said it jokingly, when my friend made that comment it reminded me of the beginning of the school year, when everyone was say "family" and "sit with anyone and everyone in the cafeteria." While the comment might seemingly mean the opposite of those original optimistic promises, it merely demonstrates how the MSMS student body is an eclectic but accepting group. Even if I can't rap Childish Gambino (and probably never will), I fit in here somehow.

However these mushy, sentimental, way-too-prolific blog posts might begin to grate on some people's nerves....

Trivia Crack... or Quiz Up?
India Yarborough

So you guys have probably heard of Trivia Crack -- an addicting app game that has caused a trivia epidemic, causing children and adults alike to glue themselves to their phones. I realized how widespread the game had become when I went home and my younger brother and younger sister both had the app.

This game has caused a Trivia Crack/Quiz Up rivalry. Many Trivia Crack players argue the game's superiority, while Quiz Up fanatics point toward the older, better Quiz Up trivia game.

What's the difference, you ask? Well, trivia crack allows players to compete back and forth. One player answers questions until they answer one incorrectly, and then it is the opponents turn to answer questions. This aspect, combined with the fact that competing players are not given the same questions, seems unfair.

Quiz Up allows competitors to compete at the same time, as they simultaneously answer the same questions. Quiz Up also has a ton of categories for players to choose from.

So which side are you on...Trvia Crack or Quiz Up?

Let's Over-Analyze 88 Seconds of the New Star Wars Trailer!
Ashtyn McAdams

First off, if you haven't seen the official international teaser trailer for JJ Abrams' new Star Wars movie, you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erLk59H86ww.
Furthermore, you should also watch the Lego Version of the trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0tLOARV-jk) and the lovely George Lucas "Special Edition" parody (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v93Jh6JNBng).

Okay, now that you have watched 88 seconds (and hopefully more) of Star Wars awesomeness, let's talk about the trailer.

The trailer brought many things to the table in a short amount of time while leaving everything to the imagination as well. It gave away pretty much nothing but told everything about the "feel" we'd be getting from this new edition to the saga.

After the mostly disappointing prequels, it seems Star Wars is back in the hands of someone who will continue to give it the justice it deserves. Now, I know JJ Abrams has had his flops, but hey, this is the man who brought you the best seasons of Lost and Fringe and called his production company "Bad Robot". He's pretty freaking awesome.
Personally, I think the trailer showcases that Abrams wants to bring justice to these movies. First off, I caught absolutely no lens flares in the entire trailer. No. Lens.
Flares.—Abrams’ signature pizzazz factor, which is good because the cinematography that is Star Wars doesn't need and shouldn't have lens flares.

Other ways the trailer showed this was with how much it felt like the original trilogy. Reference (while there was the Millennium Falcon and a few parallels that could be made) the trailer wasn't shoving reference after reference down our throats like the prequels had (also there was no Jar-Jar in sight). One of the things missing from the prequels in my opinion was the lack of focus on the major characters. The prequels tended to focus on too many things at once—too many characters, story arcs, references. Eventually, this lead to the movies' focus being on the entire state of the galaxy rather than what truly mattered to the audience and the storyline—the relationship between the padawan and his master, in this case Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.

In the new trailer, we were introduced to what is to be assumed our new trio. Just as in ancient Greek myths, three major characters embark on a quest/journey. In the original trilogy, it was Luke, Leia, and Han. In the prequels, it was meant to be Obi Wan, Padme, and Anakin. In the sequels, we have an unnamed Storm Trooper (I'll get back to this), a young woman from what looks to be the planet of Tatooine, and an X-Wing pilot. Some events, probably our old trio or possibly something else) will bring these three together to go about the "hero's journey." Those few shots of these people made me excited for the movie (Also that really beautiful scene of the X-Wing over the water. Such a pretty shot!)

Now to the unnamed Storm Trooper (although maybe he’s Storm Trooper impersonator). This might just be the character I'm most excited about and the character we might have seen the most in the trailer. He's played by John Boyega. Many fans are upset about this casting choice in regards to the character's skin tone. Most fans of the movies (and not of the extended universe or other canonical information available) are under the impression all Storm Troopers are the clones seen in Attack of the Clones. However, this is not the case. Around 9 BBY in the Star Wars universe, the Storm Troopers consisted of numerous clones from different DNA samples as well as human volunteers. This leaves the leeway to have a POC play a Storm Trooper in the new media. It should also be noted that there is no confirmation that Boyega is actually playing a Storm Trooper. He could easily be disguised as one just as Luke did in Episode IV.

We were also given hints to the state of the galaxy in the new movies. Most articles have sited the movie is to be taking 30 years post the original trilogy, which is a good timeline estimate based on what we've heard and seen in this trailer. The trailer hinted at some heavy Rebellion vs Empire themes still at work in the galaxy, which would makes since. Thirty years is enough time to build up forces for the New Galactic Republic but not nearly enough time for everyone in such a large galaxy to be on the same page yet. I'm betting the Empire is still at large on certain planets more than others but on the decline in most places. It would take a lot of work to expunge all the influences that had occurred the previous 18 years. On the same note, it's going to be tough for Luke to recruit Force-Sensitive creatures into a New Jedi Order. So there's probably a decent amount considering it's been thirty years, but we will not be anywhere near the height of the Jedi we saw at the beginning of the prequels.

Overall, I thought the trailer did what it was supposed to—tease and entice, get people excited for the movie next year. I know I am! It'll be cool to finally see a Star Wars movie in the theater with my dad, considering he watched it in drive-in's growing up.

Other good and funny Star Wars videos:
What If Episode I Were Good?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgICnbC2-_Y
What If Episode II Were Good?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAbug3AhYmw