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Senior Edition 2012

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Breaking News

Junior Madness: Tips for Making Research Paper Season Less Dreadful
By: Lalita Klag
As we have been told time and time again by peers and teachers, the final semester of junior year is easily the most important academic semester faced before college. Many colleges and universities look at this semester as...more

Cycle Officially Broken By Class of 2013
By: Trentice Leonard
MSMS is full of traditions that renew themselves from year to year. However, the senior class has been trying to break one of these over the years. With a bit of acknowledgement and effort, the MSMS Class of 2013 has finally broken the tradition that says...more

Juniors Reflect on their First Semester at MSMS
By: Michael McDonald
“Andrew Carnegie…Pinkertons…steel industry…bobbin boy. I don’t even know what that is!” This is just a few of the thoughts running through junior, Vikram Sachdeva’s head when he received his first U.S. History exam at MSMS. Certainly he did not anticipate...more


MSMS Has Snow on January 13th.



Video of MSMS Snow Day

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Do Something Club Hosts Teens for Jeans Drive
By: Sarah Owen
Do Something Club, led by President Mariah Cole, is hosting a Teens for Jeans Drive. She is collecting new and slightly used jeans until February 5. The jeans will be sent to...more

Snowfall in Columbus Excites MSMS Students
By: Mac Williamson
From Sunday, January 13th, to Wednesday, January 16th, MSMS was plagued by grey skies, constant rainfall, discomforting winds, and freezing temperatures. On Thursday, January 17th, however, the students of MSMS woke up to a moderate snowfall, many of them elated to see the precipitation...more

MSMS Student Writes and Directs his Own Play
By: Daianera Watkins
This year MSMS senior Trentice Leonard wrote, casted, produced, and directed the two-act play “A Stranger in My House,” an MSMS Drama Club Production that took to the stage for the first time January 11-12, 2013. The play...more


MSMS Students Tanvi Rao and Annie Bell Qualify for National Debate Tournament
By: Sarah Owen
MSMS students Tanvi Rao and Annie Bell won second in Public Forum debate in the National Catholic Forensic League’s qualifying tournament and are among the top six who qualify to go to the National Forensic Debate out of the fifty teams in their competition...more

MSMS Juniors Portray the Class of 2012
By: Michael McDonald
The evening of the production of Senior Tribute was full of caress and laughter as this year’s seniors reunited with the class of 2012 for the first time in almost eight months. Everyone enjoyed the play, including Tanvi Rao who...more

Word of the Week
By: Christine Kegley
Hoopla (Noun), a boisterous, extravagant, or happy occasion


Junior Spotlight: Kaylie Allen and Tristan Johnston
By: Daianera Watkins
Junior Kaylie Allen came to MSMS from Grenada, MS, where she was born and raised. When asked about the transition from Grenada High School to life here at MSMS, she said...Tristan Johnston was originally born in Louisiana, but moved to the quiet town of Quitman, MS, after Hurricane Katrina. Coming from Quitman High School, MSMS has been...more

Aspiring Artists from MSMS: Michelle Licci on Tales from the Crypt
By: Tristan Johnson
Ever since Michelle Licci was a child, she has spent time drawing as a hobby. When she hit middle school...more


Book Club Prepares for a Very Active Semester
By: Sarah Owen
Book Club, headed by co-presidents Lalita Klag and Brent Eubanks promises to have an active semester. Book Club plans to read at least two books this semester, beginning with...more


Mrs. Carter Crowned MSMS Teacher of the Year for 2012-2013
By: Rani Jaiswal
Every year nominations are made for the state Teacher of the Year. Representing MSMS for the 2012-2013 year will be Mrs. Claudia Carter, who has been teaching at MSMS since its foundation in 1987. When asked what her thoughts are on being nominated, she says...more


MSMS Students Plan Black History Program
By: Sarah Owen
MSMS students, Chrystal Jones and Taylor McClelland, are planning a black history program to be performed sometime in February. They plan to include historical dialogues, praise dances, and other entertaining skits, which they hope will...more



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