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Cortez Thomas, a motivated student and athlete, is definitely enjoying his time at MSMS. He loves his classes, including. . . . more

Nation Begins To Implement Common Core Curriculum Standards
By: Mac Williamson

         The American government has always wanted to make sure students are given a strong education before graduating. The reasoning behind this idea is. . . . more

Current News

Goen Hall Welcomes Four New Staff Members


This year, Goen Hall welcomed four new Residence Life staff members, including Ms. Sue, the new R. A.  on 2 east. Ms. Sue chose to go to Mississippi University for Women for its affordability and “dedicated and student-oriented professors.” By working in Goen, she hopes to .... more

New Staff Members Join Frazer Hall

            With this year’s new addition of 128 juniors comes the addition of 3 new resident advisors in Frazer Hall. All MUW students, they are from the most diverse walks of life. They are Chris McArthur, Hanson Ndongnyam, and Sandeep Man Sayami. Chris, the resident advisor for the north wing of the fifth floor of Frazer, was an MSMS student of the class of. . . more

New Counselors and Teacher Join MSMS

Dr. Stevens

This year, MSMS welcomed two new counselors and one new teacher.

Dr. Stevens is an MSMS alumni and graduated from the school in 2001. He now works as a counselor for students with last names A-L.  Dr. Stevens received his bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology from .... more

Mrs. Koenigsberger teaches differential calculus, foundations of higher mathematics, and trigonometry. She graduated from.... more

Mrs. Wiygul is the counselor for students with last names M-Z.  This is her 35th year in education.  She received a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from .... more


MSMS Slide Show

MSMS Students and Teachers

Then and Now: Fashion Flashback

Many things have changed since MSMS was created 25 years ago. From residential life to who’s working all the way to the classroom, things are different. Especially fashion. From high waist pants to short skirts. From guys wearing shorter shorts to longer shorts. Girls dresses go from loose-fitting to tight-fitting. From thick bulky glasses to slick and sassy. From big poofy hair to sleek. Shoes go from plain to loud. Bright colors are bursting through the clothes. And look at those teachers! See how they looked 20 years ago? You know how they look now. They have changed their style to fit in with us kids. Just take a look at these pictures! Slideshow

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Will MSMS Robotics Team Be Best?

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This year, the MSMS robotics class is participating in B.E.S.T. for the second time.  B.E.S.T. is a real world competition.  The 27 robotics students must create and market a robot that simulates a cosmic elevator.more


Seniors Advise Juniors

Hey, juniors! Check out your seniors’ advice!
“Make sure that you don't ....


Members of MSMS Family Donate Instruments to Music Department
By: Simon Schwartz

The orchestra is always in direr need of instruments, luckily this year the orchestra got a donation of a trumpet from MSMS alum Michael Counihan and an alto saxophone from junior Conner Taffe’s family.

The additional trumpet has come in very handy since the number of trumpets has gone up by three since last year and most of them are using a school owned instrument.

The Taffe family had this to say when asked about the saxophone, “Well, we were no longer using it, and I heard MSMS needed some instruments.” According to Miss Taffe, “This instrument has been in our family since Connor's father was in junior high band, in the early 1970s. We had it reconditioned for Connor, who played it for three years, and then Aiden (Connor's sister) played it for a year." Miss Taffe said that the fact that “MSMS provides a great opportunity for academically and musically talented kids to get a better education, and I believe in the cause” helped in the decision to donate the instrument.


Word of the Week

Bumbershoot (Noun), an umbrella


So You Like Food?
By: Sarah Chong

When the dining hall closes, we are strayed without guaranteed access to kitchens in our residence halls. But, we can still continue to cook yummy

food with our microwaves, creativity, and Google searches. Here are some easy recipes for you to enjoy and tweak:

Vegetarian Chilli

  • Drain 1 can of diced tomatoes, ½ can of beans, ½ can of corn.
  • Add above foods in a bowl
  • Add ½ cup of water and 1½ tablespoons of chili powder
  • Heat in microwave for approximately 4 minutes
  • Tastes great with a split, baked potato more


Christina’s Corner: Thailand vs. The United States

When I arrived in Northeast Thailand through the YES Abroad program, I wasn’t aware of how different.... more


Club Spotlight: Film Club and Drama Club

by Sarah Owen

Drama Club

Drama Club has big plans this year, including. . . .

Film Club

Film Club is also ready for a big year and has big plans. Keeping with the club’s tradition. . . .




Movie Review

Think Like A Man

Directed by Tim Story, Think Like a Man is an urban-based romantic comedy starring actors and actresses: Chris Brown, Michael Ealy, Jerry Ferrara, Meagan Good, Regina Hall, Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson. . . .


Book Review

by Christine Kegley


In the ever-growing library of young adult fiction, it’s often hard to sort the gems from the glass, particularly in the fantasy side of the shelf. There’s surely no shortage of shiny—or, in the right light, sparkly—new books, but the reading material....more