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When one asks a returning MSMS student what event they look forward to the most in the year, more than one person is bound utter the word “S.L.A.M.T.” The new juniors may cock their heads and rub their chins thinking to themselves, “What is S.L.A.M.T?...


Student horrified by PDA ravaged school

I was walking out of Stark to go back to Frazer. It was 9:50pm. I strode down the alleyway squished in between Stark and the W Art building. As I approached the opening, I noticed a rather dark and large lump under the shadow of the library wall. I could’ve sworn there wasn’t an air conditioning unit there before. Maybe they just installed it? I was about to brush it off as just one of those two possibilities, when the impossible happened: that air conditioning unit transformed...


Boler Brings Warm Smiles to Cafeteria

Most people think of the cafeteria as a place with hairy cafeteria ladies and piles of inedible slop being slung on a tray with a muddied ladle but at MSMS, we have a more original cafeteria staff member. Delinda Boler, a favored cafeteria worker at the Mississippi University for Women, has been a member of the staff since October 13, 1986...




Alum Creates iPhone Application


MSMS teaches students to think outside the box, to erase the fine line between genius and insanity, and to go to the universe for ideas—literally. Class of 1990 alumnus, Cass Everitt, went beyond the boundaries of our planet with his latest invention...


Students Leave Behind Their Other Halves

Imagine leaving your home, your friends, your school, your mom’s food, and your old life to come to a school where you don’t know anyone and the students there are probably smarter than you. This is the typical experience for most MSMS students. Now, imagine leaving all of that and someone who has been your everlasting companion, the person you can always go to, and the person who knows you better than anyone else: your twin...


Crushed holiday dreams haunt students

That’s a lie!” exclaimed my nine-year old self.
“No, it’s not. Santa Claus isn’t real! And neither is the Easter Bunny. I mean, do you really think a big pink bunny hops around and leaves eggs?” stated the nine-and-a-half year old bus bully...





Since the beginning of the school year, questions have been secretly buzzing around MSMS concerning the fate of the oh-so famous social networking site, Facebook. Students and even teachers have been opening ears at the sound of its name. “Will Facebook ever be unblocked?” one may ask. The ultimate answer to that question is...


Blu Diamondz stomps out competition

“It ain’t Steppin’ til Blu Diamondz start Stompin’!”
“The winner overall is….. Blu Diamondz,” were the words that started a cheering frenzy in Rent Auditorium at the end of the annual Frightfest Competition on October 30, 2010. Frightfest is MUW’s Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity’s annual High School step team competition...



Lindley courageously leads school






Odd cafeteria hours cause students to indulge in unhealthy snacks, lose energy


MSMS Students were polled to see what they thought to be the biggest trend, click more to see what they thought.




Euthanasia Opinion Column


MSMS students give to the less fortunate





Luck Hopes To Return Next Semester



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