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“Glenn: I can talk to birds”

By Julie Klaskala

Normally if you talk to birds, you wouldn’t expect them to respond, but for junior Bobby Glenn it’s a whole different story. Glenn has a unique gift.
“I was born with a natural talent. I can talk to birds,” stated Glenn.
Glenn is a talented junior at MSMS from Moss Point High School. Bobby's passion for birds has led him to do many different things no average person would even imagine. Glenn has taught people to identify and call birds. He has also given power points to teach high school, middle school, and elementary students about birds. Glenn has further developed his knowledge on birds by interning at the Pascagoula River Audubon Center, a nature center in Moss Point, Mississippi.



Mu Alpha Theta Competition

By Megan Smith

It comes as no surprise to most that the “math school” would send students to compete in the Mu Alpha Theta (“Math club”) competition, and, on Tuesday, April 6th, that’s exactly what MSMS did. At ten o’clock that morning, about forty students embarked on a journey to Clinton prepared to plunge head-on into a battle against other young mathematicians.


SLAMT Competitors

Housed in MSMS Dorms

By Reanna Bierig

“Why is there a stranger in my shower? Oh wait, that’s just my SLAMT kid.” On March 5th, MSMS opened its doors to over 100 SLAMT participants. This was the first year that MSMS hosted SLAMT and the students were diverse a mixture of athletes from Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. Although the athletes excelled in sports, what created such a unified atmosphere was the fact that all the participating schools were specialized in math and science. This allowed the campus to buzz all weekend with commonalities ranging from what position one held on the soccer field to what math class was the most challenging.
The dorms were packed with what seemed to be new family members; who would have thought they were our latest competition? Throughout the two SLAMT filled nights, housing proved to be a breeze with little complications.
“We acted as if we’d known each other for years,” Junior Kate Thompson said. “ She [Katie] introduced me to all of her friends and connected with me on a variety of topics.” Competition was the reason the schools were joined together, but it was not the central focus. The weekend began with a gathering in Hogarth consisting of pizza and a step-show battle. It was filled with tennis, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, table tennis, billiards, and chess. It ended with an explosion of excitement as all the schools filed into upstairs Shackelford auditorium and danced Saturday night away. By hosting SLAMT, MSMS not only exemplified our hospitality but the students of MSMSwere able to acquire many memorable friends and experiences.


In The Whole: School May Face 15% Budget Cut

By Leena El-Sadek

One letter can make a difference. For many students in Mississippi, one letter made a huge difference. On April 6, 2010, rising juniors from all corners of the state opened a small, 8x11 MSMS letter revealing their status of acceptance. What the applicants did not know, however, was that there was a challenge among the promising class of 2012: budget cuts. Because ofthe budget cuts, only a portion of the applicants was chosen.More



Chambers Takes Center Stage

By Katie Bryant

A mother signing her daughter up for ballet lessons is nothing new. Dance is often considered a necessity for a little girl but for a lot of girls it remains just that – part of their childhood. They think of the studio and costumes as a reminder of a time when Barbie Dolls were fun and cooties were contagious. To one MSMS student, these dance staples bring other memories.More


A Letter From The Vision Editors!


Dear Fellow Class of 2011,
We’re almost there. Yes, us. Just two years ago we were young, vulnerable freshmen, or fresh meat, thinking that we were NEVER going to graduate. Well, we’ve got one more year, and before we know it, that year is going to be gone. Since we have been at MSMS, we’ve been through a lot: Mr. Yarborough tests, Dr. Easterling essays, a Dr. Bearden test or two, state exams, dances, drama, tears, friendships, heartbreaks, red cards, and hours of traveling back and forth to and from home. All of this, and yes, we’re still somehow alive.



The Kim-Chi Column:

LOL Smiley Face!

By John Kim

This is how it starts. We walk into Verizon Wireless or T-mobile or Sprint, ecstatic about getting our first cell phone. We try to pick out the shiniest, sleekest phones that seem to fit our personalities. Then it’s a faceoff against mom and dad. Your weapons are the promise of a 36 on the ACT, no more blowing your allowance, and your room will be immaculate except for maybe the odd, half-eaten, molding cheese.



MSMS Goes Back to the 80s
By Shelby Bierig

Imagine High School Musical. Now replace Troy and Gabriella with Tony and Maleele and go back three decades. This year MSMS has handpicked a cast for the school musical “Back to the 80s”. The musical will showcase the drama and choir students who are accompanied by the MSMS band. The plot of this musical is a predictable high school drama centered around a love triangle.




Roma Italia

By: Wairimu Muruki

The Spring Break of 2010 was enlightening experience for the MSMS students that decided to attend the trip to Rome . The chaperones for the Spring Break trip were Ms. Julie Heintz and Ms. Dawn Barham. The students traveled to Rome and Florence and went on various tours viewing some of the world’s most famous attractions such as The Sistine Chapel and The David by Michael Angelo .More

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2009-2010 Recap!

By: Amber Goodwin


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Diamondz and Knights Together as ONE

By Chikodili Udemgba

“ARE-YOU-READY- TO- STEP?” said Kevin Govan , a Junior Blue Knight at practice. Well, the Blu Diamondz and Blue Knights were getting ready to host their 1st Annual 2010 Step Show: Embracing Your Roots by 365 on April 10. The Diamondz and the Knights had high expectations of how the show would precede.



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Math Teacher Returns After Three Month Absence

By Brianna White

Room 113 often holds the promise of refuge and help. It is there that students go for class, tutoring, a laugh or two, or just general conversation. The main reason for its appeal, however is largely because of the woman often seen there. Lauren Zarandona, affectionately known as Mrs. Z, teaches Algebra II, Trigonometry, and Foundations for Higher Math, and Differential Calculus. She is an active runner and bike-rider.


Juniors Fare Well at State, Regional Science Fair

By Rakhee Khambhati

This year junior Samantha Nanayakkara had an ulterior motive for participating in the state Mississippi Science and Engineering Fair held at Mississippi State University on March 30, 2010. When asked why she chose this experiment, Nanayakkara stated, “One of my friends almost died from dengue fever which is one of the diseases caused by mosquitoes. It’s also a big problem for the military.


Tales From the Crypt Lives On For the 20th Year

By: Amber McFarland

This year marks Tales from the Crypt’stwentieth annual performance. On April 7th, 9th, 12th, 14th, and 16th the Columbus cemetery was filled with more than just bats while students became characters from a different time.
Although it was fun, it was quite time consuming for the students to prepare for. The MSMS students had been preparing for this event since early August. Their first step to creating the performances was selecting the character they wanted to portray.


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