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Mississippi School for Mathematics & Science  Issue 3                     March 2006 

MSMS Dominates S.L.A.M.T.
by Marshall Bartlett
Staff Writer
In one day, MSMS competes in sports with the three specialized secondary education schools from Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. MSMS participants play hard and well to come out as winners of the 2006 S.L.A.M.T. Tournmanet.

Right: Serve by Dong Hee Song in the tennis courts.
Picture taken by Adeola Adebiyi.

Disciplinary Court Drama:
This Week's Episode

Jessica Landrum
Layout Editor
Many students were outraged when the MSMS Residence LIfe Staff held elections for Disciplinary Court members in the residence halls.
Editorial: Will MSMS Get You Into Your Top Choice?
By Amanda Napier
Web Editor
Why did you decide to apply to and attend MSMS? Ask every student here, and the answers will vary from expecting tons of scholarships...
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