Issue 3  Volume 15

January/February 2004


Student-Based Newspaper of the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science
Handling College Stress:
What to do when you get accepted or declined by your favorite and how to congratulate your friends' victories without feeling left out. more
MSMS Poets Go Live
Mrs. Richardson's creative writing class works with computer services to put their literature on the web.  more
Do You have Senioritis?
What is this high school phenomenon and is it really a factor for most soon-to-graduate seniors? more
Which Digital Camera is Right for You?
Kimberly Golden answers the question many amateur photographers stumble upon.  cameras
MSMS Gets New Executive Director
Who is Dr. Love and what are his plans for MSMS?  more
Why Bother With Politics?
Do you avoid the news for fear of politics?  Are you a regular voter, or do you just not care?  Read our editorial and find out how important it really is for you to take control in your local government!  read on
Soccer Season Ends With High Hopes For Next Year
Check out the team's final scores here!

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