The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science                                                                                                                          Volume 15 Issue 1 October 2003



Scientists Bring their Human Genome Research Findings to MSU

For once, on a school day, the halls of Hooper were silent. Boarding charter buses and cheese wagons, the entire student body, along with the privileged faculty members who drove their own cars, departed for Mississippi State (MSU).  read more

Class of 2005 Moves In

August 3, 2003 was a very busy day at MSMS. The class of 2005 had just arrived on the campus of MUW to start off a new and great school year, but there were loads of stuff (bedding, couches, refrigerators, etc.) needed to be taken from cars to dorm rooms but thanks to the emissaries, the move-in was a success.


  School Year Begins with Opening Convocation

With the opening of a new year, MSMS gathered together August 7, 2003, during the Opening Convocation.

Juniors Perform

Starting the school year off with many laughs, the junior class of 2005 presented their array of original skits and grand senior blind imitations at the annual Junior Follies on Wednesday, August 6, in Rent Auditorium.

Develop Better Study Habits

At 8:00 on any weeknight at MSMS, the usually bustling Fant lobby turns into a virtual wasteland. The crowd who minutes before was watching television, playing games, or chatting with friends clears out and heads to their rooms, Hooper, or the library for the MSMS institution of study hours. However, once study hours begin students become easily distracted by things like instant messenger or the Internet. Once able to finally concentrate, the increased workload of the MSMS curriculum can leave some wondering where to begin.  need better habits?

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