The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science                                                                                                                                            Issue 4 April, 2003



Photographing Life

"A picture is worth a thousand words." Or in Kimberly Golden's case, it is a glimpse of life that the young photographer is displaying at the Columbus Public Library until April 30.

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(right) "Protection of a Mother" 

This photograph of a mother elephant guarding her baby was taken by Golden on her trip to Hankey, South Africa, in 2001.



Spring Break in Switzerland





Tales From the Crypt

"There's two sides to every story, and tonight you'll hear my side," declared Eula Topp, a nineteenth-century inhabitant of Columbus played by MSMS junior Brandi Broome. Brandi, along with the rest of Mr. Yarborough's U.S. History class, was part of the 13th annual Tales from the Crypt performance in Friendship Cemetery in Columbus.



Towering snow-capped mountains, medieval castles, fine French cuisine, and the world's largest particle accelerator; this is what led fifteen MSMS students and two of their teachers to Switzerland this spring break.  more