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Mississippi School for Mathematics & Science        Issue 3       March, 2003


Astronauts and Rocket Tests

Caleb Dorman and Jed Leggett, suited up for spaceflight, "sign off" after an interview with a news crew.  Photo by Philip Taff  Photographer

When they woke up Wednesday, January 22, for their trip to the Stennis Space Center, the Electronics class didnít know what to expect, but they were in for a full day.  NASA, who is sponsoring them in the FIRST Robotics Competition, had invited them to the space center.  Other Mississippi teams sponsored by NASA, such as a Choctaw team, came too.

Competition comes to MSMS Philip Taff  Layout Editor

For many MSMS students, February is a month full of competitions.  Some recent science competitions MSMS has participated in are...

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