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Great End to a Great Season for
MSMS Tennis team!
"We fought hard and we went down swinging," senior Ross Berry said...

Deldrick Adams Elected President of the Class of 2016. Election details in Community...

Broken Elevators in Goen Hall Vasu Srevatsan, frustrated fifth floor resident, sobs against the elevator, silently willing it to work again.

Saying Goodbye

Michelle McCullum

Juniors and seniors playing Coby Anderson’s most recent Kinex game demonstrate the “work together, play together” attitude at MSMS, which will hopefully last past the senior’s graduation and goodbye.

Looking back at the beginning of the year, some of us looked up to the seniors for guidance. As the year progressed, these seniors became important to us. They are our friends, our family, and, in some cases, our significant other. As graduation creeps closer and closer, time gets shorter and shorter, and then we realize that soon, we have to say goodbye. I talked to a group of juniors on how they felt about the seniors leaving and here is what I learned.

“It’s like a light at the end of a tunnel” one junior said. “It is like, I’m glad to see them leave but I don’t want to let go of them.”

“I just hope that they don’t forget about us,” another junior started.” Seriously,” she paused, “We lived with them, ate with them, went to class with them, and now they are leaving to broaden their horizons, but they are leaving us behind. I am going to miss them greatly, some more than others.”

“I really don’t know how to feel about them leaving,” the third junior said. “I mean, yea I am going to miss them, but now I have some juniors to train for myself and watch what antics they will be getting into.”

The last junior took a second before answering with, “It has been a fun experience with them. I don’t even know what I am going to do now. Wait, yes I do. I am going to try my hardest to be the inspiration to the new juniors that my seniors were to me.”

Everyone is going to miss the seniors when they graduate, but there will be opportunities in the future to see them again to share new experiences.


Congrats to the Juniors Recognized by National Merit!

130 minutes, 125 questions ranging from mind-numbingly basic find-the-interior-angle to seemingly impossible complete-the-passage, and 135 eager, newly-indoctrinated MSMS “junies”...