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Instructor:  Leggett

Last updated: 8:00 PM 8/11/2014

Note:  PSet = “problem set”

Note:  My tutorials Fall semester will be Tuesday 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Note: A Google Calendar has been created which duplicates all assignment information.  Students may ask for an invitation.


Unit One:  “Fluid Mechanics”

Reading: Liquids, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 13

Reading College Physics, Sections 9.4-9.10

PSet-01, "Fluid Mechanics" due 8/24 midnight

Lab/Data-01a - "Open Inquiry Fluids," data collection 8/12, presentations in class 8/15

Lab/Data-01b  - "Phet - Fluid Pressure and Flow," data collection 8/19, write-up due 8/25

ConceptQuiz, None

Written Test-02, 8/26


Unit Two:  “Electrostatics and Electrical Energy”

Reading:  Electrostatics, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 22

Reading College Physics, Chapters 15 & 16

ConceptQuiz-15 “Electric Charge” 9/15 

ConceptQuiz-16 “Electric Potential” 9/15 

PSet-02, "Electrictrostatics and Electrical Energy" due 9/05 midnight

Lab/Data-02a, "Electrostatics", write-up due 9/12  end of day

Lab/Data-02b, "Electric Potential" , write-up due TBA  end of day

Written Test-02, 9/16


Unit Three:  “Magnetism and Magnetic Induction”

Reading:  Magnetism, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 24

Reading:  Electromagnetic Induction, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 25

Reading College Physics, Chapters 19 & 20

ConceptQuiz-19 “Magnetism” TBA 

ConceptQuiz-20 “Electromagnetic Induction” TBA 

PSet-03a, "Magnetism" due 9/28 midnight

PSet-03b, "Electromagnetic Induction " due 10/05  midnight

Lab/Data-03a, TBA, write-up due TBA  end of day

Lab/Data-03b, TBA , write-up due TBA  end of day

Written Test-03, 10/07


Unit Four:  “Thermal Energy & Kinetic Theory”

Reading: Temperature, Heat and Expanion, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 15

Reading:  Heat Transfer, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 16

Reading:  Change of Phase, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 17

Reading College Physics, Chapters 10 & 11

ConceptQuiz-10 “Temperature”  TBA

ConceptQuiz-11 “Heat”  TBA 

PSet-04a, "" due TBA  midnight

PSet-04b, " due TBA  midnight

Lab/Data-04aTBA , write-up due TBA  end of day

Lab/Data-04b,  TBA , write-up due TBA  end of day

Written Test-04, Fri. 10/31


Unit Five:  “The Laws of Thermodynamics”

Reading: Thermodynamics, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 18

Reading College Physics, Chapter 12

ConceptQuiz-12 "Thermodynamics  TBA 

PSet-05a, "" due TBA  midnight

PSet-05b, "" dueTBA  midnight

Lab/Data-05a, “” data set TBA , write-up due TBA end of day

Lab/Data-05b, "" data set TBA, write-up due TBA end of day

Written Test-05a, Fri. 11/19

Written Test-05b, Fri. 11/21


Unit Six:  "AC Circuits"

Reading College Physics, Chapter 21

ConceptQuiz-06 “Momentum”  TBA 

PSet-06a, "" due TBA midnight

PSet-06b, "" due TBA  midnight

PSetQuiz-06, TBA

Lab/Data-06a, “” data collection TBA, write-up due TBA end of day

Lab/Data-06b, “” data collection TBA , write-up dueTBA  end of day

Written Test-06, Wed. 12/10


Optional 9-weeks test: Cumulative, Thurs. 10/9 4:05 PM, Room 207

Final Exam: AP® Physics-2 National Exam, AP testing week, TBA



*The ConceptQuiz software is available on any MSMS networked PC.  If you prefer, the conceptual quizzes software (for 32 bit PC’s only) is available for download to MSMS students on Networked drive  J:\Leggett\.... (You will need the password from me to install the software.)