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Instructor:  Leggett

Last updated: 8:00 PM 8/11/2014

Note:  PSet = “problem set”

Note:  My tutorials Fall semester will be Tuesday 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Note: A Google Calendar has been created which duplicates all assignment information.  Students may ask for an invitation.


Units One & Two (together):  “Measurement & Motion in One Dimension”

Reading:  OpenStax Text**, go to and read lessons 1.3 - 1.5

PSet-00, (Pass/Fail) "Trig Review, significant figures, unit conversions, dimensional analysis" due 8/17 midnight

ConceptQuiz-01*, “Measurement,” not required


Reading: Linear Motion, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 2

Or, Reading:  1D Kinematics, Go to  read “Lessons I – VI”

ConceptQuiz-02, “Kinematics”  in-class, 8/25 

PSet-02a, "Rates, acceleration" due 8/20  midnight

PSet-02b, "Freefall, acceleration with gravity" due 8/26  midnight

PSetQuiz-01/02, in-class, 8/22

Lab/Data-01, “Data & Graphing,” data collection 8/14  , regression model & write-up due Wed. 8/20  end of day

Lab/Data-02a, "1D Velocity & Acceleration," data collection 8/21, regression models & write-up due Thurs. 8/28 end of day

Lab/Data-02b, “Free fall,” data collection 8/28 , regression analysis & write-up due Wed. 9/3 end of day

Written Test-01/02, Wed. 8/27


Unit Three:  “Vectors / Motion in Two Dimensions”

Reading:  Projectile motion, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 3

Or, Reading:  Motions & Forces in 2D, Go to  read “Lesson  I -II”

ConceptQuiz-03 “Vectors” 9/17 in class

PSet-03a, "2D motion, vector addition" due 9/14 midnight

PSet-03b, "Projectile motion" due 9/18 midnight

PSetQuiz-03, 9/15 in class

Lab/Data-03a, "Mine Field Vector Mapping and Vector Addition" data collection 9/4 , write-up due 9/10

Lab/Data-03b,  “Projectile Wars,” data collection 9/11 , write-up due 9/17  end of day

Lab/Data-03c, “Oil Platform Stability and Vector Addition”, data collection 9/18, write-up due 9/24  end of day

Written Test-03, Fri. 9/19


Unit Four:  “Forces & Motion”

Reading: Newton's 1st & 2nd laws, Conceptual Physics Text Chapts 4-5

Or, Reading:  Motions & Forces in 2D, Go to read “Lesson  III and

Reading:  Newton’s Laws, Go to  read ”Lessons I – IV”

ConceptQuiz-04 “Forces”  10/16 in class

PSet-04a, "Inertia, force of gravity, accelerating forces" due 9/28  midnight

PSet-04b, "Static & dynamic equilibrium, accelerating systems without friction" due 10/12  midnight

PSet-04c, "Accelerating systems with friction" due 10/16 midnight

PSetQuiz-04, 10/10

Lab/Data-04a, “Newton’s 2nd Law:  Fan Cart Acceleration” data collection 9/25 , write-up due Thurs. 10/03  end of day

Lab/Data-04b,  Newton’s 2nd Law: Accelerating Systems” data collection 10/02 , write-up due 10/08  end of day

Lab/Data-04c,  “Static and Dynamic Friction” data collection 10/09 , write-up due 10/15  end of day

Written Test-04, Fri. 10/17

Optional 9-weeks test: Cumulative, Thurs. 10/9 4:05 PM, Room 210


Unit Five:  “Work, Energy & Power”

Reading: Energy, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 8

Or, Reading:  Work , Energy & Power, Go to  read “Lessons I – II”

ConceptQuiz-05 “Work & Energy”  11/10 in class 

PSet-05a, "Work and displacement, work done by friction, conservation laws" due 11/06  midnight

PSet-05b, "Work done by gravity, power" due 11/09  midnight

PSet-05c, "Elastic strength, energy storage" due 11/13 midnight

PSetQuiz-05, 11/07 in class

Lab/Data-05a, “Potential and Kinetic Energy, acceleration on inclines” data set 10/23 , write-up due 10/29 end of day

Lab/Data-05b, “Work Done by Friction in a Sandbox” data set TBA , write-up due TBA end of day

Lab/Data-05c, "Energy and Power of Spud Launcher" data set TBA, write-up due TBA end of day

Lab/Data-05d, “Hooke’s Law & Conservation of Energy of an Oscillating Spring” data collection 11/06 , data analysis & write-up due 11/12 end of day

Written Test-05, Fri. 11/14


Unit Six:  Momentum & Collisions

Reading: Momentum, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 7

Or, Reading:  Momentum and its Conservation, Go to  read “Lessons I – II”

ConceptQuiz-06 “Momentum”  TBA 

PSet-06a, "Momentum, recoil, 1D collisions, conservation laws" due TBA midnight

PSet-06b, "Impulse, inelastic & elastic collisions, 2D collisions" due TBA  midnight

PSetQuiz-06, TBA

Lab/Data-06a, “Ballistic Pendulum” data collection TBA, write-up due TBA end of day

Lab/Data-06b, “Impulse & Momenta” data collection TBA , write-up dueTBA  end of day

Written Test-06, Wed. 12/10


Semester Exam, Cumulative, OpenStax Text Chapters 2-4 & 7-8, Conceptual Physics Text Chapters 2-7, Exam week TBA



Unit Seven:  “Rotational Motion”

Reading: Rotational Kinematics, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 9

Or, Reading:  Circular Motion, Go to read “Lessons I – II”

ConceptQuiz-07 “Rotation” Wed. 1/21 in class  (Practice "Phyiscs Quiz - Rotation" with only the first four topics)

PSet-07a, "Circular motion, period & frequency, centripetal force" due 1/14 midnight

PSet-07b, "Rotational kinematics" due 1/22  midnight

PSetQuiz-07, Fri. 1/16

Lab/Data-07a, “Centripetal Force & Rotation” data collection 1/15 , write-up due 1/21  end of day

Lab/Data-07b, TBA, data collection 1/22, write-up due 2/10 end of day

Written Test-07,  Fri. 1/23


Unit Eight:  “Rotational Mechanics”

Reading: Center of gravity & rotational mechanics, Conceptual Physics Text Chapts 10-11

ConceptQuiz-08  Mon. 2/16 (Again, practice "Phyiscs Quiz - Rotation" now with all topics)

PSet-08a, "Center of Gravity, Torque, Rotational Inertia" 2/06 midnight

PSet-08b, "Angular momentum, Rotational Energy, Conservation laws" 2/13 midnight

PSet-08c, "Statics, Objects in Equilibrium" 2-17 midnight

PSetQuiz-08, Mon. 2/16

Lab/Data-08a, "Rotational Inertia", data collection 1/29, write-up due 2/13 end of day

Lab/Data-08b, "Rotation and Torque", data collection 2/5, write-up due 2/19 end of day

Lab/Data-08c, "Static Equilibrium", data collection 2/13, write-up due 2/23 end of day

Written Test-08, 2/18


Unit Nine: "Gravity & Planetary Motion"

Reading: Gravitation & satellite motion, Conceptual Physics Text Chapts 12-14

Or, Reading: Planetary Motion, Go to read "Lessons III-IV"

ConceptQuiz-09, TBA



PSetQuiz-09, TBA

Lab/Data-09, TBA

Written Test-09,  3/04



Unit Ten “Wave Motion”

Reading: Vibrations & waves, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 25

Or, Reading: Wave Motions, Go to read “Lessons I-IV”

ConceptQuiz-010a “Wave Motion” (all topics “on”), TBA 

Reading: Oscillations, TBA

ConceptQuiz-010b "Oscillations" (Turn off last topic), TBA

PSet-010a "Elasticicity & Hooke's law, simple oscillators" due TBA  midnight

PSet-010b "Period, frequency, wavelength, wave number, speed, amplitude, phase" due TBA  midnight

PSetQuiz-010, TBA

Lab/Data-010a “Simple Pendulum” data collection & analysis TBA , write-up due TBA  end of day

Lab/Data-010b “Standing Waves on a String” data collection TBA , write-up due TBA  end of day

Written Test-010, 4/01


Unit Eleven “Sound”

Reading: Sound, Conceptual Physics Text Chapt 26

Or, Reading: Sound, Go to read “Lessons I-V”

ConceptQuiz-011b “Sound” (all topics “on”),  TBA 

PSet-011c  "Elastic strentgh, bulk strength, pressure waves, intensity, decibels" due TBA  midnight

PSet-011d  "Pitch, resonance, harmonics, beats, Doppler Effect" due TBA  midnight

PSetQuiz-011, Wed. TBA  in class

Lab/Data-011c “Resonance Tubes” data collection TBA , write up due TBA  end of day

Lab /Data-011d TBA, data collection TBA, write-up due TBA end of day

Written Test-011 4/15


Unit Twelve "Basic Electric Circuits"

Reading: Current & circuits, Conceptual Physics Text Chapts 34-35

Or, Reading: Current Electricity, Go to read "Lessons II-IV"

ConceptQuiz-012, TBA

PSet-012a, TBA

PSet-012b, TBA

PSetQuiz-012, TBA

Lab/Data-012a, TBA

Lab/Data-012b, TBA

Written Test-012, 5/01


Final Exam: AP® Physics-1 National Exam, AP testing week, TBA

Unit Thirteen: "Post AP-Test Project/Design of Experiment"

Reading: TBA




*The ConceptQuiz software is available on any MSMS networked PC.  If you prefer, the conceptual quizzes software (for 32 bit PC’s only) is available for download to MSMS students on Networked drive  J:\Leggett\.... (You will need the password from me to install the software.)

**The OpenStax College Physics On-line Textbook also is available as a PDF file OR as an EPUB file for mobile devices on J:\Leggett\PHYSICS_TEXTBOOK.  (The On-line version reads easier on the eyes but also requires wifi access.)