Vision: Information Sources

Journalism and Media

ABC DiscoveryChannel MTVOnline: Main Page Shanghai Star
BBC Online Electronic Telegraph   Sinopolis
Boulder News Fox News NewsPicks Sunday Times
CBS Google News Online NY TIMES The Mississippi Press
China Daily Hattiesburg American News Headlines Time
  Houston Chronical Interactive Newspaper Links Times Picayune
China on Line ITN Television News Northeast Daily Journal Washington Post
Cnn Headline News InternetNewsroom Premiere Women's History
Commercial Dispatch London Times Reuters News Wire WSJ
Daily Mississippian Money Cnn Science Daily News WWWiz
der Spiegel On-line MSNBC   USA Today

Organizations of Interest to Scholastic Journalism

EFF Legal Issues - 'Cyberspace Law
UCLA Online Institute Cyberspace LawPolicy Georgia Scholastic Press Association Publisher's Resources
InSITE House Judiciary Committee HighWired S P OF CHICAGO publications in Florida
Law Bulletin Publishing Company National Scholastic Press Association Alabama Scholastic Press Association Networking, S PA and You
Nolo Press Law Book Columbia Scholastic Press Association Louisiana Scholastic Press Association Newspaper Career Guide- Now What

Information Sources of use to the Journalist

AcademyTAS Conference on Violence in Video Games and Public Policy Galaxy Parents Television Council  Watchdog Group
BIBLIOMANIA Electronic Text Center -- University of Virginia Internet Public Library Project Bartleby
Carrie online texts FedWorld Information Network Media Week Criticism of Media Today's Front Pages
Center for Study of Popular Television: Resources FCC