The Mississippi School For Math and Science

The Vision

1. Begin with a catch-phrase (make sure it isn’t corny), or simply write a sentence.  Make the phrase or first few words of the sentence all caps.  Follow with tree dots.  Be consistent with either style.

2. Avoid unnecessary expressions as “In the picture above…,” “Left to right…,” or pointing out obvious activities featured in the picture.  However, do give enough information to make the people identifiable, as “First row…” or “Seated….”

3. Cutlines should be three or four lines of print; five, if necessary.

4. Last line should be more than half the width of the cutline; no widow line.

5. Ordinarily, cutlines should not be more than 25 picas (two columns) in width.

6. Set all cutlines in boldface and 8/8.

7. Use full names of persons pictured.

8. If cut is a “mug” shot, use only the person’s full name beneath.

9. For variety, or to avoid tomb-stoning, a cutline may be set smaller than the cut.

10. Identify all persons in the picture.

If cutline runs tow columns, try to have an equal number of lines in each column.