Welcome to University English. On these pages are suggestions for reading the selections in order to prepare for class. At the barest minimum, you should know author, characters, and major events before you come to class. The questions below are meant to stimulate your thinking. They are not the normal kind of question and answer pattern.

Your job is to note characters, events and possible relate them to the period of time of the selection. You should have a personal, individual reaction that reflects your response to the selection. The questions below point to factual material that answers that all important question, "Why?" Also, if you look carefully, you will see that each set of questions is built around a central issue such as "reason" and "passion" in these selections.



Finish Reading Beowulf: Be sure to follow instructions in Concept Map.

To Do List:

  • Turn in Letter of Interest to your folder: login_letint.docx (let word processor put extender)
  • Review grammar/mechanics for your diagnostic essay Wednesday
  • Make sure you:
    • make a subfolder on j: drive that reads grades
    • make a subfolder on j: drive that reads college
    • make a subfolder on j: drive that reads notes
    • make a subfolder on j: that reads powerpoint.
    • Make these subfolders in your folder for this course.



Weekly Concept Map:

week01 concept map