Research Paper Procedure and Instructions

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  1. Letter of Interest.  25 points.
    1. The first step in developing your research is a letter of interest addressed to
    1. This letter should briefly describe at least five of your personal interests.  These interests may be in any field, specifically in literature, or interdisciplinary. 
  1. Topic Letter. 50  points. Filename:  "Save As" your returned Letter of Interest with this file name: ulogin_toplet.doc.  You should place into your folder in the Current Works Folder by the due date on weekly assignment sheet.  Within your graded letter of interest, you should have the following information:
  2. Outline and Bibliography.  100 points. Filename:  login_olbib.doc should be placed into the Current Works Folder by he due date on weekly assignment sheet.  I have put samples of this part of the Research Assignment in the links listed below.  At a bare minimum, you should have
    1. Running Header with your last name page number right justified
    2. Heading with your name, teacher's name, course name, and date left justified
    3. Title of your paper centered
    4. Outline that follows the following format:
      1. A formal outline with Introduction, Development of Subtopics, and Conclusion.
        1. Introduction should include:
          1. Page set-up: 8.5 X 11 paper, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 point type.
          1. Thesis stated in sentence form.
          2. List of keywords for subtopics in topic form.
          3. The type of hook or Grabber to be used at beginning of paper.
        2. Each subtopic should include:
          1. Topic sentence in sentence form.
          2. Bibliography in proper MLA style for that subtopic which is left justified, hanging indented if necessary, double-spaced..
        3. Conclusion should include
          1. List of key points.
          2. Type of conclusion such as 
            1. Summary or
            2. Logical conclusion or
            3. Expansion or
            4. Citation of authority proving your point or
            5. Combination of the above
  3. Final Draft. 200 points. Filename:  login_rpfd.doc. should be placed into the Current Works Folder by he due date on weekly assignment sheet.  The Final Draft includes corrected copies of the following items:
    1. Page set-up: 8.5 X 11 paper, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 point type.
    2. Running Header last name page number right justified. 
    3. Heading with your name, teacher name, course, and date left justified.
    4. The title centered on page.
    5. Double-space all parts of your paper.  1 inch margins.
    6. Final Corrected Version of your Outline/Bibliography that conforms to your final version of your paper.
    7. Heading again on new page to start text.
    8. Text that follows your outline with parenthetical citation of reference in MLA style.
    9. You may have notes.  (not required)
    10. You may have a glossary. (not required)
    11. Final Works Cited on a separate page or pages in proper MLA style. 
  4. A few ideas to think about:
    1. These procedures are designed to give you an orderly approach to the research paper.
    2. Procedures by their vary nature require attention to details and often methods different from your own.  Part of your grade depends on completing ALL PARTS of this assignment.
    3. Good research takes many weeks and takes the researcher to many different parts of the library as well as a careful reading of the primary item of analysis.  Scientific research often requires many hours of tedious, repetitious work on an experiment.  Good research has few shortcuts.
    4. Excellent research stems from a burning interest in the topic and a real desire to find something new or different in the work.  From my own experiences, the originality often comes from seeing relationships and joining different points of view in a new or profound manner.
    5. Research should be a fundamental aspect of the life of a scientist, academic, or professional person.  We live in a rapidly changing world.  Research is the only way to keep up with the forefront of those changes.
    6. All superior research starts with superior questions and the quest to answer them.  To expect to know the "conclusion" of your paper before you read your primary or secondary sources is to expect the mediocre.  Let the topic guide you.  Let your mind guide you.  To do so, you need to give yourself enough time.
  5. Samples:

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