Assignments for World Literature Week 20

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Reading for the Week:

RABINDRANATH  TAGORE         Image: Rabindranath Tagore, 1917 973 BWL5 973 w20
RAI  SANYO Japan 1043 BWL5 1043 w20
RAI  SANYO        Sadahide Utagawa,  1044 BWL5 1044 w20
RAI  SANYO        Dutch ships  1043 BWL5 1045 w20
JOHANN WOLFGANG VON  () GOETHE German 1045 BWL5 1045 w20
JOHANN WOLFGANG VON  () GOETHE        From Divan of West and East  1045 BWL5 1049 w20
RENE  GUNON French 1051 BWL5 1052 w20
RENE  GUNON        From East and West  1052 BWL5 1055 w20
RENE  GUNON        Image: Kamekichi Tsunajima,   1887 1051 BWL5 1051 w20
 RABINDRANATH  TAGORE India 1055 BWL5 1056 w20
 RABINDRANATH  TAGORE        From The Message of India to Japan  1056 BWL5 1058 w20
 RABINDRANATH  TAGORE        Image: The Revolt of the Cipayes is Defeated  1055 BWL5 1055 w20
TAKIZAWA  BAKIN Japan 1076 BWL5 1080 w20
TAKIZAWA  BAKIN     Hakkenden 1080 BWL5 1083 w20
MORI  OGAI Japan 1083 BWL5 1088 w20
MORI  OGAI     The Dancing Girl 1088 BWL5 1103 w20
HIGUCHI  ICHIYO Japan 1103 BWL5 1107 w20


Class activities for the Week:






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