Assignments for World Literature Week 13

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Reading for the Week:

CHARLES  BAUDELAIRE        Carrion  421 BWL5 423 w13
CHARLES  BAUDELAIRE        Spleen: Old Pluvius, month of rains,  peevish  423 BWL5 424 w13
CHARLES  BAUDELAIRE        Spleen: When the low heavy sky weighs like  423 BWL5 424 w13
CHARLES  BAUDELAIRE        The Swan  424 BWL5 426 w13
CHARLES  BAUDELAIRE        The Voyage (Translated by Barbara Gibbs)  426 BWL5 432 w13
GUSTAVE  FLAUBERT  French 435 BWL5 439 w13
GUSTAVE  FLAUBERT      A Simple Heart 439 BWL5 462 w13
GUSTAVE  FLAUBERT         Image: Gustave Flaubert Dissecting Madame B 436 BWL5 436 w13
FYODOR  DOSTOEVSKY Russian 462 BWL5 468 w13


Class activities for the Week:




Issues to think about as you read and take notes on:

Resources from Internet for this Week:




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