Assignments for World Literature Week 12

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Reading for the Week:

HEINRICH  HEINE German 316 BWL5 321 w12
HEINRICH  HEINE        A Spruce Is Standing Lonely  321 BWL5 322 w12
HEINRICH  HEINE        The Grenadiers  322 BWL5 323 w12
HEINRICH  HEINE        The Minnesingers  323 BWL5 324 w12
HEINRICH  HEINE        The Lorelei  324 BWL5 325 w12
HEINRICH  HEINE        The Silesian Weavers  325 BWL5 326 w12
HEINRICH  HEINE        The Asra  326 BWL5 327 w12
HEINRICH  HEINE        The Slave Ship  327 BWL5 331 w12
HEINRICH  HEINE        The Migratory Rats  331 BWL5 333 w12
HEINRICH  HEINE        Morphine  333 BWL5 334 w12
HEINRICH  HEINE        Image: Portrait of Heinrich Heine 316 BWL5 316 w12
ALEXANDER  PUSHKIN Russian 334 BWL5 339 w12
ALEXANDER  PUSHKIN        The Bronze Horseman  339 BWL5 349 w12
ALEXANDER  PUSHKIN        Images: Portrait of Alexander Pushkin;  335 BWL5 335 w12
ALEXANDER  PUSHKIN        Images: The Bronze Horseman 337 BWL5 337 w12
HIRATA  ATSUTANE Japan 406 BWL5 406 w12
HIRATA  ATSUTANE        The Creator God  406 BWL5 408 w12
HIRATA  ATSUTANE        Image: Visit to Shinto Temple 406 BWL5 406 w12
SYED AHMED  KHAN Indian Muslim 408 BWL5 408 w12
SYED AHMED  KHAN        The Qur'an and Science  408 BWL5 409 w12
SYED AHMED  KHAN        Image: Qur'an (Koran) Page 408 BWL5 408 w12
HU  SHIH Chinese 409 BWL5 409 w12
HU  SHIH        From Hu Shi wencun, Collection II, Chapter 1  409 BWL5 412 w12
CHARLES  BAUDELAIRE French 412 BWL5 416 w12
CHARLES  BAUDELAIRE        To the Reader  416 BWL5 418 w12
CHARLES  BAUDELAIRE        The Albatross  418 BWL5 419 w12
CHARLES  BAUDELAIRE        Correspondences  419 BWL5 419 w12
CHARLES  BAUDELAIRE        Hymn to Beauty  419 BWL5 420 w12
CHARLES  BAUDELAIRE        Her Hair  420 BWL5 421 w12


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