Assignments for World Literature Week 11

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Reading for the Week:

GERARD DE  NERVAL        From Observations on Goethe's Faust  188 BWL5 189 w11
FRIEDRICH  NIETZSCHE German 198 BWL5 200 w11
FRIEDRICH  NIETZSCHE        From The Gay Science  200 BWL5 201 w11
FRIEDRICH  NIETZSCHE        Image: Zarathustra 199 BWL5 199 w11
FRIEDRICH  NIETZSCHE        283: Preparatory Men  200 BWL5 200 w11
FRIEDRICH  NIETZSCHE        From Thus Spoke Zarathustra  201 BWL5 202 w11
FRIEDRICH  NIETZSCHE        First Part: 3, The Superman 201 BWL5 202 w11
INAZO  NITOB Japan 204 BWL5 205 w11
INAZO  NITOB        From Bushido: The Soul of Japan  205 BWL5 208 w11
INAZO  NITOB        Image: Samurai portrait 204 BWL5 204 w11
E. T. A.  HOFFMANN German 294 BWL5 298 w11
E. T. A.  HOFFMANN        The Mines of Falun 298 BWL5 316 w11



Class activities for the Week:



        Continue Discussion "What the Seasons Brought to the Almanac Maker"

         Vocabulary Quiz 8 opens at Noon Thursday and Closes Friday at 4:00 pm



Issues to think:

Resources from Internet for this Week:




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