Editing INSTRUCTION for Composition in All Classes (rev. 09/01/09)

Instructions to use symbols in table below:

  1. Keep record of marks on your papers.
  2. Look up any mark so that you are sure you understand it.
  3. Correct all errors; study for repeatability all felicities.
  4. Put corrections in your portfolio in front of assignment, quiz, test.
Symbol Explanation Tab,Page in GB
Agr *Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement 6T, 99-101
Agr *Subject-Verb Agreement 6A-S, 85-98
Awk Organization, sentence, or words confusing  
BQ Begs the question: does not anwer question: -2 to -10 24I, 434
BS Bad Syntax:  weak or wordy or awkward sentence construction  
Caps Capitalize (CAPS) or use lower case (lc) 29, 519-529
Case-N Relation to other words: Nominative 7B-C, 106-07
Case-O Objective 7D-I, 108-10
Case-P Possessive 7J, 119
Coh *Coherence: parts not in order: Sentence; subset of syntax 11, 197-270
Color Words need to be found that give more sparkle to the text, more color.  
C.F. **Comma Fault: comma used to join independent thoughts not in series: weak punctuation: -5 11C, 202
Coor Coordination Faulty 12A,D 208-17
Dang Modifiers too far from word modified 14B, 230-36
D or Pruf or Proof Development: need more details, examples, quotations, charts, or other proof 21D-E,327-28
Diction Euphony: choice of words: see trite, jargon, Figurative Language, slang, informal, T.G. 19A-I,289-04
Ellip Eellipsis: Words or parts omitted 4F, 63; 7G, 117
E.W. Empty words: words which lack content 19J, 304-08
Frag, inc **Incomplete sentence (inc = incomplete) 11A-B,197-01
Fused **Two complete thoughts together; P missing 11C, 202-5
lc lower case; see CAPS 29, 519-529
logic Logic is flawed: element missing, missing middle of syllogism, defined by "not"  
OL Outline: need one or is there one? 22B-D,357-63
Oz Organization: - points indicate elements such as Introduction Middle (Development), or Conclusion are missing or incorrectly arranged;

+ points indicate a strategy of organization original to the student or created by student which makes for clear understanding by reader

Parallel Not grammatically parallel 15A-D, 239-5
¬ Paragraph 21G-H,331-39
¬ link parts of paragraph 21H, 337-40
¬ paragraph: start paragraph here 21A-I,323-54
No , ¬ no paragraph: do not start paragraph here 21A, 323
Proof Lack of documentation such as quotations, statistics 26D-F,463-67
Px Punctuation x = needed punctuation or offending punctuation  
P' ' Apostrophe 31L-N,563-67
P[ Brackets 31kW, 570
P: Colon 31E-F,555-56
P, Comma 30F-M,537-51
P: Colon 25B-E, 445-6
P-- Dash 31T, 569
P! Exclamation Mark 30D-E,535-36
P- Hyphen 31O-S,567-68
P__ Italics (underline) 31G-H,557-58
P() Parenthesis 31V, 569-70
P. Period 30A-B, 534
P; Semi-colon 31A-D,553-55
P? Question Mark 30C, 534
P" " Quotation Marks 31I-K,559-62
Redun Redundant:  needless repeating of the same idea, phrase, or clause  
Ref Pronoun Antecedent Confusing or Missing 13A-B,222-28
Shft-P Shift from one person to another w/o cause Notes
Shft-N Shift in number without reason 16A-B,247-49
Shft-T Shift in tense without reason 16B, 248
Shft-V Shift in voice without reason 16B, 247
Shft-M Shift in mood without reason 8J, 157-58
Shft-S Shift in subject without reason 16A, 247
Shft-Sp Shift in speaker without reason  
Sp Mistake in spelling: see Dictionary Dictionary
  Hints for  Spelling 36A-I,655-59
ST# Subtopic(s): ST1 = Subtopic 1 22B-C,356-57
Style Preceding misuses MLA or APA style; incorrect Style Handbook
Sub Make clause subordinate 12B-C,210-15
Syll syllabication word broken incorrectly 28F-I,514-19
Syn Syntax: the way in which linguistic elements (as words) are put together to form constituents (as phrases or clauses); the part of grammar dealing with this issue n/a
T incorrect tense used 8B-F,142-54
Theme Theme: Central idea of a narrative Notes
Thesis Thesis: Central idea of an Essay Notes Notes
TOPS Central idea of a paragraph: topic sentence 21B-C,323-38
T.G. Too General: Use specific words, examples 24D-E,420-25
TRNS Transition: Connectives: link parts of sentence 12, 207-09
Unity Paragraph or essay shows unity 21F, 328
Wordy Too many unnecessary words  
Yeech Too poor for comment: terrible  

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