Selected Works of British Literature

Trust, Deceit, Vengeance, and Humor in Someone Like You

Peter the Rabbit

Clichés, Stereotypes, and Jokes in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

A History of the World in 10 ½ Chapters: Barnes’ Unorthodox Criticism of History

The Farce in Very Good, Jeeves!


University English II

Reality and Imagination in Kieron Smith, boy

Innocence Shrouded by Popular Culture in Vernon God Little

Regret in the Remains of the Day

The Importance of Identity in The English Patient

The Necessity of Fear for Faith in Life of Pi

The Significance of Boundaries in Remembering Babylon

Characterization in Life After Life

Characterization through Clothing in A Choosing The Selected Poems of Liz Lochhead

Feminist Values in The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

The Positive Portrayal of Women in The Gathering Night