Statistics I (MA 268)

Fall  SEMESTER  2010


INSTRUCTOR: Claudia Carter, MA, NBCT

            Address:     1100 College Street, Box W-1627, Columbus, MS  39701

              Office: Hooper 116        Classroom: Hooper 110               Office Hours: Check listing outside classroom or office door

e-mail: website:        Tutorials: Monday night

  TEXTBOOKThe Practice of Statistics, Second Edition, Yates, Moore and Starnes

Software:  Fathom

 GOAL:  To provide a study of descriptive statistics, probability concepts, normal distributions, regression models, sampling distributions, and design of experiments.


 Weeks 1-6                   Chapters 1-2                displaying and describing data distributions, normal distributions 

                                     Chapters 3-4                data relationships--scatterplots, least squares regression,  correlation

Weeks 7-12                 Chapter 5                    design of experiments, sampling design

                                     Chapter 6-7                 probability models, random variables,  mean and variance of random variables, probability laws

                                     Chapter 8-9                 binomial distributions, sample proportions,  sample means, central limit theorem

Weeks 13-17               Chapter 10                  Confidence intervals, tests of significance, tests for a population mean, using  significance tests

                                     Chapter 11                  Inference for Distributions (one-sample  t procedures)                                                                      

                                    Chapter 12                    Inference for Proportions: (confidence  intervals and significance tests)

                                    Chapter 13                  Chi-Square Procedures:  goodness of fit, Chi-square test


1.  Attendance is expected for all class meetings.  All absences and tardies will be reported to the office.

2. Materials needed for every class: You may write in ink only in your notebook/binder. Any work handed in must be NEAT, LEGIBLE and should be in PENCIL or typed on computer. Notebook: Ring binder with looseleaf, Textbook, and Graphing calculator

3.  Every student is required to maintain a binder. Binders must be organized and include:

          Date for each class with accompanying notes and/or handouts

            Homework with date and daily problems and notes clearly written.

            All returned and graded work.

            Running total of points for grade evaluation. You should know your grade!

            Binders may be collected at any time by the teacher and assessed.

2.  Homework will be assigned for practice and understanding. 

3.  Special assignments will be given throughout the semester.

5.  A minimum of four major tests will be given.

6. Academic honesty is expected.  See MSMS Student Handbook, page 27 and 121. The Academic Dishonesty section under Academic Information in the MUW Student Handbook clearly defines cheating and plagiarism. You will be held to the Academic Standards described under Student Rights and Responsibilities. This includes copying someone's work in a computer software program or graded assignments/homework.


  •        The instructor does not believe in dropping or curving grades!

    1. Computer assignments, special assignments, and tests will determine grades for each nine-week period. 

    2.  Grading Scale: A: 90-100, B: 80-89,  C: 70-79, No Credit: Below 70.

    3.  Semester Average:  First nine-weeks grade: 40%;  Second nine-weeks grade: 40%;   Final Exam: 20%.