Math Attitude Instrument

Directions: Draw a circle around the letter(s) that show(s) how closely you agree or disagree with each statement: SD(Strongly Disagree), D(Disagree), U(Undecided), A(Agree), and SA(Strongly Agree).

  1. I enjoy going beyond the assigned work and SD D U A SA
  2. trying to solve new problems in math.
  3. Mathematics is enjoyable and stimulating SD D U A SA
  4. to me.
  5. Math makes me feel uneasy and confused. SD D U A SA
  6. I am interested and willing to use math SD D U A SA
  7. outside school and on the job.
  8. I have never liked mathematics, and it is SD D U A SA
  9. my most dreaded subject.
  10. I have always enjoyed studying math SD D U A SA
  11. in school.
  12. I would like to develop my mathematical SD D U A SA
  13. skill and study this subject more.
  14. Mathematics makes me uncomfortable SD D U A SA
  15. and nervous.
  16. Mathematics is dull and boring because it SD D U A SA
  17. leaves no room for personal opinion.
  18. Math is very interesting, and I have usually SD D U A SA
  19. enjoyed courses in this subject.
  20. I am interested and willing to acquire further SD D U A SA
  21. knowledge of mathematics.
  22. Math has contributed greatly to science and SD D U A SA

other fields of knowledge.

13. Math is less important to people than SD D U A SA

art or literature.

14. Math is not important for the advance of SD D U A SA

civilization and society.

15. Math is very worthwhile and necessary subject. SD D U A SA

16. An understanding of math is needed by SD D U A SA

artists and writers as well as scientists.

17. Math helps develop a person’s mind and SD D U A SA

teaches him to think.

18. Mathematics is not important in everyday lives. SD D U A SA

19. Math is needed in designing practically SD D U A SA


20. Mathematics is needed in order to keep SD D U A SA

the world running.

21. There is nothing creative about mathematics, SD D U A SA

it’s just memorizing formulas and things.