The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

Fall 2013


INSTRUCTOR: Claudia Carter

Address: 1100 College Street, MUW-1627, Columbus, MS 39701    

Phone: Office: 662-329-7360 (ext 8502)   Office: Hooper 116       

Classroom: Hooper 110  

Office Hours: Check listing outside classroom or office door

e-mail:      website:   Tutorials: Monday night


Textbook: There is no textbook for this course. Handouts and research will be used as resource materials for this class.


Length of course: One semester


Course Description:

This course is designed for the student who is interested in public speaking and argumentation. This course provides instruction in how to acquire, analyze, and evaluate information in order to organize effective arguments and provides practice in those arguments. The class will include analysis of current controversial issues, methods & materials of research, evidence, applied logic and reasoning, construction of an argument, audience analysis, and the use of strategy in debate. Students will be able to practice extemporaneous speaking, and if time permits, learn the various parts of mock trial by studying both the case and the laws which govern the trial. Students will be able to pose and respond to questions. This course will consist of some lectures, much discussion, and a great deal of individualized or small group lab work. Debate is designed for the student who is capable of working well on his/her own, while being able to share a great deal with others through the normal class discussions and presentations.


Week 1 - 2              Introduce the concepts of academic debate and argumentation

Weeks 3 - 5             Develop writing techniques used  for "for" and "against" issues; oratory, and theme speeches

Weeks 6 - 8             Develop research skills and determine the strengths/weakness of evidence

Weeks 9 - 11           Develop critical thinking skills through analysis of issues  

Weeks 12 - 14          Learn how to formulate questions in both direct and cross-examination

Weeks 15 - 18          Focus on extemporaneous speaking skills and develop oral advocacy and refutation skills




1.  Attendance is expected for all class meetings.  All absences and tardies will be reported to the office.

2. Materials needed for every class: Notebook: Ring binder with looseleaf.  Every student is required to maintain a binder. Binders must be organized and include:

          Date for each class with accompanying notes and/or handouts

           All returned and graded work.

        Binders will be given a grade which will figure into quarter grades.

4.  Speeches and other performance assignments will be given throughout the semester.

5. Academic honesty is expected.  See Student Handbook, page 122.