INSTRUCTOR: Claudia Carter, MA, NBCT, Shae Koenigsberger, MS, NBCT

            Address:     1100 College Street, Box W-1627, Columbus, MS  39701

              Office: Hooper 116        Classroom: Hooper 110; Hooper 109         Office Hours: Check listing outside classroom or office door

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TEXTBOOK: Precalculus:  Graphing and Data Analysis, Michael Sullivan & Michael Sullivan III


To solve real world problems which require advanced statistical and mathematical techniques.

To provide the background and support for students to be successful in the Foundations course.

To revisit in detail the topics that are listed below in chronological order. These topics directly suppport the Foundations curriculum.

To have students work diligently to overcome weaknesses.

To have students practice these skills and become very proficient.

Week 1 Graphing Lines; Linear Functions p.14, 29,41; symmetry rules p.25; p.33, 11-24; equations of lines p.51, 17,25; p.52, 31,33,39,43,49,57; solving equations p. 75, 13,31,37,43,47,49,121,125; Mission Possible: Oympic Track Events p.49
Week 2 Domain and Range, Even and Odd functions, Intercepts -  ppt

Activity:Knotty Rope;

p.126, 27, 28, 33-60; p.148, 9, 15; p.186 19,21,27,29

Week 3 Graphs with Transformations

Activities: "What's My Rule"; "Name that Function"

p. 162  1-16, 17-24, 25, 29, 39, 42, 43, 45, 49, 51

Week 4 Full Analysis of Functions

p.170  1,5,9,13,21,25,29,33,41,49,55  

Mission Possible: Silver Satelite & Cable TV p. 175

Week 5 Factoring   - ppt Worksheets
Week 6 Completing the Square - Quadratic Form Appendix Section 2, p.979, p. 984  odd 1 - 29
Week 7 Solving Linear and Quadratic Equations & Inequalities p.76  57,69,75,93,105; p.98  13,15,21,31,39,55,61; p.106  39,41,47,49,53
Week 8 Graphing Polynomials Including Synthetic Division

p.987  1,5,15,17,21,23,25;  p.101  61,63,67,71 ; p.224  11,17,25,31,37,41,57,59

Week 9 "Catch Up"  
Week 10 Rational Functions

Mission Possible: Cardissian Challenge p.249;

p. 243  1,5,11,15,21,27,31,33,41,45,51,61,73,75,87

Week 11 Guess My Function Worksheets
Week 12 Logarithms and Exponential - Simplify Expressions


Week 13 Logarithmic Equations and Applications

Worksheetsp.349  1,5,7,19,21,25,31,33,53,63,67,71

Mission Possible: McNewton's Coffee p.343; p. 358  19,33  p.367  1,7,17,21,25

Week 14 Sequence and Series - Rules Worksheets; p.864  5,11,21,23,27; p.880  11,17,19,25,33,37

Week 15

Sequence and Series - Summation

Worksheets;p.864  39,41,53,63; p.881 47,55,59,73,75

Week 16 Binomial Theorem p. 864  3,11,15,19,25,29,37
Week 17 Conics - Handout Worksheets
  Matrices p. 783  Mission Possible: Secrets


1.  Attendance is expected for all class meetings.  All absences and tardies will be reported to the office.

2. Materials needed for every class:  Notebook: Ring binder with looseleaf, Textbook, and Graphing calculator. Any work handed in must be NEAT, LEGIBLE and should be in PENCIL.

3.  Every student is required to maintain a binder. Binders must be organized and include:

            Homework with date and daily problems and notes clearly written.

            All returned and graded work.

4.  Homework may be assigned for practice and understanding. 

5. Because of the nature of this class, it is imperative that work be done on time. There should be NO LATE WORK! Consequences for late work will be handled directly by the instructor.

5. Academic honesty is expected.  See MSMS Student Handbook, page 121.  You will be held to the Academic Standards described under Student Rights and Responsibilities. This includes copying someone's work in a computer software program or graded assignments/homework.

6. Disability Statement:  Students falling into this category will be subject to information in the MSMS Student Handbook, page 24.

GRADES:  A rubric will be used to assess classwork and assignments.  

    Grading Scale: A: 90-100, B: 80-89,  C: 70-79, No Credit: Below 70